The Diary of the Girl in Love❤

Dear diary,

I met him today! I met my sweetheart today! After so long, that smiling  face, looked at me and I was mesmerised! He wore the blue shirt, the one I like the most and I felt special at once. 

I had no hope of meeting him today, I knew it was impossible, But somewhere in my heart I knew, I’m meeting my prince today, no matter what!

I called him at 4.40pm, and he said, “can you please come? I’m in the mall which is near to your home.. I’m not going to force you, however, can you?”

I kept quite not knowing what to answer, should I tell him that I can’t? I know I can’t go out right now, but I really DO wanna meet him. So, I thought of some notorious plan to go out and hopefully I succeeded. I called him again, “hello!” I said, my voice clearly had shown the happiness in my heart. “I know! I can get it from your voice! I’m at the men’s section. If you wanna see me, come within 5.40pm” he said, and waited for my response. 

I told him that I would be there in 10 mins.

I sped up and reached the mall. My eyes sesrching for him. I saw a classmate and hurried towards him. “Piyush!” I whispered to him loudly! He gave me the kind of look which cannot be expressed! He was shocked to see me, he gaped at me then said, “you?? Here??”. “Where’s tutul? Don’t let him know that I am here, just tell me where I can find him!” I said.

“Maybe somewhere here, search him…..hey.. I think he is waiting outside the trial room!” Piyush said me. I fled past him to where I saw tutul. Aww my sweetheart, first he gave me a shocked expression, then a worried one, then a blush! Oh my god! I just ran towards him and he backed away in horror. I ignored his reluctance and hugged him tightly! “Baby! People are watching us!” He said. “Nobody cares!!!” I argued. He then hugged me even tighter and placed a peck on my lips. The trial room door opened, some new guy looked at us and smiled at me. I smiled back in response and continued stroking my boy’s back and kept squeezing his hands (c’mon I’m not being cheeky, but I met him after a month!). “He is….xyz” he said. (I really don’t remember that guy’s name because I was too busy watching my own one.) “We sleep on the same bed, swty.” He said and smirked. “What???!! Oh.. okay…fine..” I stammered after that frightening ‘what’. Then I turned to that guy and said, “hey! Stay away from him, he’s mine!”. He watched me in horror and left the place. I scared him off? Nevermind, that’s my nature around guys. I pushed him inside the trial room,

Me: we need some privacy.

Him: nope! We are not getting! Stop pushing me inside.. people will throw you away from here!

Me: nobody gives a damn and I realy don’t care….

He cut me off with a deep kiss.

(Dear readers, please close your eyes we really need some privacy.)😉

I tried closing the door. Couldn’t. Whats-his-name came and said, “come out you freaks! Or I’m leaving you both here.” Tutul was about to go when I clutched him and gave him my puppy eyes, “please! Wait! Don’t go so soon! I will anyhow leave in 5 mins.” He waited.. stroked my head for sometime and held me tightly against his chest. I listened to his heart and could clearly hear it thudding wildly! I let him go.. we came out and roamed around hand in hand. My heart was fluttering. My happiness knew no bounds. 

I came home.

And here I am, writing out my feelings.

You know what it means to me right? He really makes me feel like a princess. I don’t know how much time we have untill I go for my further studies.

Let’s hope. I really want to see him again…



The Happy Heart: Art by Pritu

48 thoughts on “The Diary of the Girl in Love❤

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  1. I know this feeling, when I had written something for my best friend on her birthday, she woke up again and cried a lot after reading what I had written.

    She called me up and abused me for awhile and then smiled. 😆😂😍😘😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful….. TRULY ^_^
    M Glad that HE HAPPENED TO YOU…. It’s difficult to find someone who understands you better than anyone else in this world. It’s good to see that you finally have someone who cares for you. ^_^ Stay blessed dear. Be happy together. All the best for your future. ^_^


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