Writing: the pain killer

Of course, not everyone in this world would enjoy writing as much as I do. But I can bet everyone has got an experience of writing. Be it a letter or an essay written in school days. One thing that writing does is, it soothes. It eases our thoughts and gives peace to our mind. When I feel lonely, I write to the people I want to spend time with. When I feel confused, I write to myself. When I feel like speaking loudly, I write an essay and put it in the social media. All in all, its an amazing pain killer. Don’t you think?


11 thoughts on “Writing: the pain killer

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  1. Everyone has his way of dealing with feelings and emotions. Your way is writing and writing is also a talent of you! It express how you feel… And its help you to come over your emotions and pain or loneliness, that’s good! Keep on writting…
    I have another poem for you. It can help you with your thoughts … and maybe inspire you … πŸ˜‰
    Warm regards, Heidi


    With its ebb and flood or mountains and deep valleys.
    Everybody writes it in his poem or his stories.
    How do they experience life?
    What is expected, what have you in mind?
    Life is taking and giving …
    Strive for progress every day …
    Sometimes you have to step backwards or aside.
    But don’t forget, you’re not alone there’s also a “we”.
    Even when its get difficult, we’ll be happy to assist you..
    So you also come through life
    and in addition to your sadness, you will also enjoy happiness!
    Will the clouds disappear and the sun will shine for you …

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  2. Well I truly agree with your point.. but we live in a time when we prefer TYPing instead of WRITing . Writing a stuff with our own hand makes all the anxiety fade away as the nip goes on and on..

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    1. Well I did think of this too while I wrote this post and seems like WRITing is what I was talking about..😁 and trust me, I seriously wish if I could just write everything in hardcopy and then there was someone for me who would change it to softcopy!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This is the reason why I have not been writing for a while.. thankyou so much for writing your views here..😊😊

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