To those troublemakers…

Sometimes, some kind of annoying people come into your life and mess your life. The biggest problem is that, they never accept their mistake and nobody gets to know WHAT THEY DID… Instead everyone thinks like you are the trouble..

To these people I would like to say just one thing..

Dear troubled/messed up babies,

          You people are nothing but crap. You do not know how to behave. You do not know how to respect people who were grateful to you once upon a time and you are just dumb. Mark my words, someday when you need people beside you during your bad times, no one is going to put their trust on you. No one. 

         You say I messed your life? How sweet of you… just because your secret is safe with me, that doesn’t mean you can take advantage. If I wish to, I can mess your whole life. But don’t worry, I’m not like you. I’m better.

Good luck,



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