To those long lost friends

Remember when we first met? We were too shy to ask each other’s name. Days went by and with every passing minute we got closer and closer. We were just kids and we never chose our friends, we just became friends with the people we enjoyed. 

We grew up. We made groups. Though the closeness withing the group intensified, outside the group we had unknown people. 

We grew up a little more. The groups were subdivided. Now we were only five people in the group compared to what we had like forty in one group when we were in 2nd grade. 

We grew up a little more. The group vanished. 

Everyone got busy in there own hooroosh of life. 

Now, we were away. Far away from eachother. Different places maybe.

Now we started getting calls from those people who were our bestfriends once upon a time.

We would whine about how much we miss each other.

We talked about life and how everything was around us.

Till when?

Only four to five calls.

Then, back to reality.

No calls. No texts. No mails.

Complete silence.

After a long time we meet accidentally. “How are you?” I ask. “I’m doing great”, you reply. “You are being so formal!”, I say. “Sorry, I got to go! I’ll call you.”, you reply, and you get vanished again.

You just never called.

And now I can’t find you anywhere. 

So, I decided to make some new friends. Only this time, I chose my friends. 

Let’s see till when they last. However, this time, I have promised myself that no matter what, I won’t ever leave my best friend.

Life is so unfair.


34 thoughts on “To those long lost friends

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  1. This is so true!!
    I haven’t spoken to my school friends in 15 years, we all drifted apart because of our lives.
    I now only have a few friends, and like you said.. I chose them
    *Keep up the good work, I look forward to your next post*

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    1. 😦 yeah… once upon a time I used to hate clingy people and now i love those people bcause, no matter what they will never leave your side… by the way, thankyou so much, I’m happy that you liked it.. ^_^

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  2. I have a poem for you. It has been translated from Dutch to English and so it sounds a bit different. But the important thing is, it’s all about the words πŸ™‚

    You are you and I am me.

    You are you and I am me , together are “we” twice as unique !!
    People come into your life to give something of them.
    It’s not of that you have to be like them.
    It’s about what you’re doing with it!
    Sometimes you can learn and appreciate it.
    Sometimes you get annoyed, then it’s better you let them go…
    But true friends, are always there!
    Even though they are not always around you…
    But when you need them, they don’t leave you alone!!

    Best regards, Heidi

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    1. Yes, true indeed ☺ each and every word of it! Thankyou dear, for sharing it with me… you always force me into a deep thought with your comments😁 you know what, you won’t believe, but I seriously wait for you to comment on my posts!!! Thanks Heidi!!!

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      1. It’s good to think about things, about life, but don’t think to hard! It can blow your mind! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ You can read my next comment next day. I have a lot to do πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ You’re kind, but you don’t have to thank my everytime, it’s my pleasure πŸ™‚ Have a nice day…

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  3. I think this happens to everyone…but I’m kind of amused by the people who have the same best friend(s) since they were 5. …. I made new friends each time I moved to a new school….you know from Primary School, Went to two different high schools, attended two colleges,,,,,each time I moved into a new school I’d make new friends…& with time, my old friends would be forgotten…..I think it’s how life goes.

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    1. Yes, same here… but I do have friends who are there with me since 10 years.. but they do not try to call or message but each time they meet me they will just behave like they love me and missed me like hell.. I just don’t know how to react to that! !


      1. I don’t think those are friends. They are more like, people you used to know, or old friends.
        I meet them too. All the time. Sometimes we reach out to each other on social media, like I can like a pic on fb and a conversation starts about how we miss each other and stuff. I think it’s normal. For example, while in primary school, I was in the same class with the same people for 8 years. We all lived in the same estate, went to the same church, & literally spend every single day together…..soo probably, a very strong bond was formed though we later went separate ways. We always meet each other with excitement& hugs, but after that it’s usually just getting involved with our separate lives& forgetting each other again.

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  4. As time passes, we grow up. We find ourselves… and in the process, we lose a shit load of friends. But those who are meant to stay, will. Life sucks, but there are a lot of things for which we should be grateful for.

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