Is travelling back in time a smart option?

“If you love life, dont waste time, for time is what life is made up of” -Bruce Lee


The thought of travelling back in time had always amused me. I had always wanted to travel back in time. I always wanted to correct  so many mistakes which I committed unknowingly or with the knowledge of the so called immature mind. This thought had been driving me crazy for the past four to five years untill recently when I read this great play “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child” written by none other than my beloved author J. K. Rowling.

The author of this book has given a clear picture of how the hero of the story went back in time to correct something that did not seem fair to have taken place but instead they altered the timeline. When they came back to the present, they realised that they had messed up the whole timeline and the situation were worse. They did this a few times and every time they tried to put the things of the past correctly, they ended up messing up the present. When finally they let the events to happen the way it was supposed to, everything was put back to normal.

I realised so many things. The most important thing I realised is Time is not something to play with or better put as Time is not something to be messed up with. After reading the novel completely there were so many ifs and buts occupying my mind. Later that night when I went to bed as usual not with the slightest intention of falling asleep I gave it a thought, a long and convincing thought what if I do go back in time and correct the mistake I did 6 years back? The answer was simple, I would have never realised the mistake and may be if I had not learnt the fault in my steps, I could have committed that mistake in the later crucial periods of my life. That could have been a disaster.

Next, what if I had not gone through all these, these pain, these sufferings, these painful results of my mistakes? The answer is even simpler, I could have never known the importance of the small and happy moments which sooner or later become the best memories of my life. Maybe disrupting the timeline could alter a lot of events. What if I went to some other college and have got some different friends? Well this gives me a shiver. Imagining my life without my bestfriends gives me a chill through the spine. They were the people who had been with me in the best-of and worst-of times. They were the people who made me realise my mistakes. They were the people who taught me to move on with life. They still remain the people who would let me see the positive side in every situation that I face in my life. How can I think of replacing these memories with the different ones? I can’t. I won’t. This is the life I have got and I have got it for once. I won’t be a coward and regret all my life “only if I had not done this”, “only if I had not done that”, “only if I had not chosen to act that way”… Well I have grown wiser and my past gives me enough knowledge about what’s right and what’s wrong. Today I have a better knowledge of the surrounding I live in, the people I choose to trust and the decisions I make.
Often people say, “everything happens for a reason” and do not realise it untill distressed. There is just no need of a time machine and one should not aspire for it. Time gives you different opportunities but for once and we need to use it carefully and wisely. We got to stop expecting from life, friends and family and start expecting more from ourselves. Life is given to us for once and we need to make it not a long one but a great one. Time, though cruel, sometimes shows the best of moments. Time, though a slut, it examines the love, patience and desperation of our soul when we are away from the person we love the most.

Time gives the opportunity and it also has the power to snatch it away from our clutches. Though life offers us a lot of crooked paths on our way up but it teaches us how to deal with every obstacle that comes our way. Time is the ultimate healer. Time makes us realise what and whom we need the most. We all will die one day but time will always go on. This is why great people never made time machines, because time made them great and altering a few moments could have resulted in them not being great at the first place.


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  1. Hi pritu555, as I can see you are quite new here on wordpress. I like a bit of mystery and I think you’re a smart girl 😉 Your words are strong and thoughtful! I’m not really a reader of books, but I mostly read with my eyes. (If you know what I mean? I am a visionary) and think of my mind but usually follow my heart and feelings … Making mistakes is human. The one is making more mistakes than the other. You can learn of it or you making them again and again! Traveling in time doesn’t take us any further! live to the future is more important and enjoy every day, because life goes fast!
    I also want to thank you for follow my site!
    Best regards, Heidi

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  2. Dear, watevr u do … never chlng wid tym … u can take chlngs of ur own , regarding ur future deeds but never a bit against tym……Its something will get u harashed or furstrated …nd for back ups …have such a person wid u who will make u f9 nd wont get u lose ur confidence..dats all…GOOD LUCK DEAR

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  3. I searched for these lines in every website, blogs, books, but unfortunately found it here. God bless you dear!! Hope you continue writing…. keep it up ^_^


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